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AirVue Golf Business is Available For Sale


AirVue Golf was a labor of love for us over the past 5 years. We enjoyed building the app, digitizing courses, meeting new people and simply enjoy being in a business so connected to the sport we love.

Unfortunately our personal lives and time commitments take us in a new direction and we must part ways with AirVue Golf. We would love to see someone who enjoys the game as much we do, enjoys technology and wants to continue building on what we started years ago, continue AirVue Golf.

We are not looking for financial windfall, but simply someone who wants to enjoy owning an app business, enjoys the game of golf and has the passion and interest in contiuing building and supporting the app moving forward. If you are interested in purchasing the assets associated with AirVue Golf, please contact us via email at We are happy to share the details of the app and business.

AirVue Golf v2.7 is now available
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